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“They remind us that women are not rays of sunshine but supercell storms.” - Female Arts Review.

Imogen’s work as a writer, poet, and spoken word artist is auto-fictional. They enjoy exploring the vast spaces within gender & sexual identity and the landscapes of eros, intimacy & connection. As a Devon & London-based poet, her work is often inspired by folklore, mythology & nature, and, by contrast, the quality of city life. She is curious about how we can embrace and walk alongside Grief.
Imogen's poetry is playful, powerful, vulnerable, meditative &  visceral.

Imogen Frances

'Nameless' artwork by Kate Florence.

Imogen Frances

May I ask Who is Steering? by Imogen Frances (printed as Hudson-Clayton), in Hidden in Chaos by Chris Holmes and Trope. Photography by Trope.

Purchase Imogen's Poetry

Imogen is a featured poet in the photography book and poetry anthology Hidden in Chaos by Chris Holmes and Trope.

“London's gray and glow, its daily ebb and flow, are celebrated, questioned and contemplated in this visual and poetic tribute” - purchase here.

She also sells her own hand-crafted and typed poetry works, which can make the perfect personalised gifts. For more information, please visit their poetry instagram page. Imogen is also available to hire as a performance and spoken word poet. To enquire, you can get in touch using the contact form below.

Imogen Frances

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Photography by Benkin Photography.

Mel is a Kick-boxer. Her bouts in the ring are nothing compared to her daily bare-knuckle fights with her past. Best mate Sofia is an activist, in legal jeopardy following a political protest, and she just needs her lover Ana not to forsake her.  Sahil is a DJ who has landed the gig of his life, and Jimmy’s secret might just blow up all their lives.

Nameless wraps these five in a passionate, reckless and raw drama of trauma, survival and love. A piece of gig theatre underscored by the rhythmic heartbeat of London. It features poetry, music, and movement, in a story of a struggle to heal.

Created by Imogen Frances, with written contributions from Samuel Gosrani and Maite Jareugui, and music composed by Silas Barke, the piece has been in an R&D process since 2020.

As part of this project development Imogen will be facilitating workshops on the themes of grief for South West charities Resilient Women & Josephine Star. Imogen is available for Poetry & Writing Workshops (on a volunteer or paid basis) and is looking for national partners interested in new writing and performance poetry who might wish to collaborate or invest. Please get in touch with Imogen via contact form below if you wish to find out more about Nameless.


'Pucker Up Peckham (an extract)' from Nameless. Written by Imogen Frances.

Imogen Frances

If Only We Knew was written in response to and inspired by the playtext Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, in a version by Benedict Andrews. Imogen directed a project performance of this piece at Rose Bruford College, with a talented group of first year actors in June 2019. This poem was written in response to the creative process. Music created by cast members Lucinda Freeburn and George Rowlands. The poem was recorded by Verse on Screen, with cinematography by Ben Goffin and sound by Alex Yousri.

If Only We Knew

If Only We Knew Written and spoken by Imogen Frances. Music by Lucinda Freeburn and George Rowlands. Cinematography by Ben Goffin. Sound by Alex Yousri

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