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They remind us that women are not rays of sunshine, but supercell storms.- Female Arts Review.

Imogen has written three plays; Lava Lamps, ; (pause before continuing), and Star Cross'd (with co-writer, Tanya Bridgeman). Each piece combines poetry with dialogue, has female-led and queer-centric narratives, and wrestle with love, addiction, pleasure, mental health, grief & joy as central themes. In 2023 ; (pause before continuing) was long-listed for The RSC's 37 Plays Award (see below for more information on the piece), and Star Cross'd is currently in development, with aims to have both plays staged in 2025.

“Powerful, urgent, lyrical and searingly honest, Imogen' s poems demand to be heard and speak for the hopes, fears and rage of those trying to negotiate their way through the misogyny of modern life.” - Kate Mosse, Novelist. 

Imogen’s work as a poet and spoken word artist is auto-fictional. It is as playful as it is provocative, visceral, and raw. As a Devon & London-based poet, Imogen's work is often inspired by folklore, mythology & nature, and by contrast, the quality of city life. They enjoy exploring the vast spaces within gender & sexual identity and the landscapes of eros, intimacy & connection.
Imogen is curious about the healing of trauma, and how we can embrace and walk alongside grief.

Imogen Frances

; (pause before continuing) artwork by Kate Florence.

Imogen Frances

May I ask Who is Steering? by Imogen Frances (printed as Hudson-Clayton), in Hidden in Chaos by Chris Holmes and Trope. Photography by Trope.

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Imogen is a featured poet in the photography book and poetry anthology Hidden in Chaos by Chris Holmes and Trope.

“London's gray and glow, its daily ebb and flow, are celebrated, questioned and contemplated in this visual and poetic tribute” - purchase here.

She also sells her own hand-crafted and typed poetry works, which can make the perfect personalised gifts. For more information, please visit their poetry instagram page. Imogen is also available to hire as a performance and spoken word poet. To enquire, you can get in touch using the contact form below.

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Photography by Felix Mosse.

A passionate, reckless, and raw drama of trauma, survival & love. A play with a disrupted narrative & poetry at its heart.

Mel, a social worker and amateur kick-boxer, has been forced to take a period of leave from her job due to missing a vital visit to one of the children in her care. Following the sudden death of her father, she’s been battling with grief, and so is encouraged to take therapy if she hopes to return to work. Mel would rather be in the gym kickboxing, or fucking strangers, or . . . disappearing. In her sessions with T the daily bare-knuckle fights with her past bring her relationship with Jimmy to the forefront. They’re not together anymore but they still live together, and some relational habits are hard to kick. Can Mel face the abusive nature of Jimmy’s behaviour when she still loves him? And, will Jimmy be honest about his past? When both of them feel so broken will either of the get to heal? 


; (pause before continuing) explores mental health, abuse, and whether we can break the cycles which keep us from the best parts of ourselves. The piece is currently in development with Indiana Lown-Collins on board as the director.

; (pause before continuing)

'Peckham Springs (an extract)' from ; (pause before continuing), by Imogen Frances.

Imogen Frances

If Only We Knew was written in response to and inspired by the playtext Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, in a version by Benedict Andrews. Imogen directed a project performance of this piece at Rose Bruford College, with a talented group of first year actors in June 2019. This poem was written in response to the creative process. Music created by cast members Lucinda Freeburn and George Rowlands. The poem was recorded by Verse on Screen, with cinematography by Ben Goffin and sound by Alex Yousri.

If Only We Knew

If Only We Knew Written and spoken by Imogen Frances. Music by Lucinda Freeburn and George Rowlands. Cinematography by Ben Goffin. Sound by Alex Yousri

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